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US Veterans receive an additional 10% off.

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Compassion Program

At Proven we know the financial hardship living with chronic illness creates. We also understand how legalization in California has affected our medical patients that rely on affordable cannabis. It’s the reason why we created our Proven Compassion Program; for you. Through this program our forever members will receive a *steady 15% off all orders automatically. We hope that this discount will help get our patients the care they deserve without breaking the bank.

Does it sound like you or someone you know can benefit from the Proven Compassion Program? Give us a call today and let’s chat about your situation. We promise to bring you Cannabis With Care! 1-415-872-2964

*Percentage discounts cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. You will be able to select whichever applicable discount is most beneficial to you at the time of your order.

Qualifications: Cancer · Glaucoma · Positive status for HIV/AIDS · Agitation due to Altzheimer’s · PTSD · Medical conditions which result in the patient suffering: Severe Pain, Severe Nausea, Muscle Spasms, Seizure Disorders, Cachexia · IF you are in any of the following program: SSDI

*Chronic and long-term painful conditions will qualify someone, acute painful conditions like a broken leg will not.

Active Military   and Veterans

Proven wants to say thank you for your service! Let us know you’re US Military status and join our Military Club appreciating both veterans and active military. When you are a member you get an *automatic 10% off every order you place.

We believe that cannabis is a more than viable option for our nation’s protectors. Whether for pain relief, as a sleep aid, or for help in overcoming stress and anxiety, so many veterans find relief in cannabis. Cannabis provides an alternative way to manage your conditions far better than a slew of toxic pharmaceuticals that can cause residual effects.

Seniors (60 years +)

Much like the idea of cannabis, many things in this country have changed over the years. With the age of retirement rising, cost of living increasing, and the various hurdles life can throw our way, Proven wants to help you catch a break. To pay homage to our Bay Area Seniors, we offer a *standing 5% off all member orders! When you place your order with our friendly staff please ask to become a recipient of our discount club, you just have to be 60 years or greater to join!

Proven recognizes that the existence of a legal cannabis industry is truly a dream come true. We know that our dream started long ago and is stemmed from our senior community. We owe it to the baby boomers who knew that this plant was more than taboo, was more than a stigma, and was more than what they wanted you to believe. Generation after generation we followed the path you paved and carried it to where we are now. Thanks for getting us started, smoke on!

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