If you want to kick back, relax, and drift off to dreamland, then you should focus on indica dominant strains. Compared with most sativa hybrids, indicas have soothing properties that help users de-stress post-dinner. While indicas won’t make you super productive, they are usually the right choice whenever you need to “zone out” late in the day.

Although increased hybridization is blurring the lines between indicas and sativas, there are some strains that remain inextricably linked with indicas. Anyone interested in indica dominant flowers should memorize the most common names associated with this family.

Why Do People Enjoy Indica Dominant Strains?

Traditionally, indica strains are all about relaxation and sedation. Indeed, most full-bred indicas will induce a body-heavy high that eventually causes you to shut your eyes. Anyone in the mood for an unfocused “stoner” high will most benefit from indica dominant hybrids.

People often only use indica strains late in the day when they don’t have any pressing demands. Since these strains usually glue people to the couch, they should be reserved for after-dinner use. Patients who suffer from ADD, anxiety, or insomnia most often benefit from the soothing properties indicas offer.

There are many proposed reasons why indicas have mostly body-heavy effects, but there’s no scientific evidence explaining this phenomenon. Some researchers claim indicas have higher CBD percentages versus sativas, which may account for their more sedative properties. Others believe high traces of terpenes like myrcene may account for the common indica effects.

Whatever the truth is, tokers should only use indicas late in the day—especially if it’s their first time trying an indica dominant hybrid. While some indicas may be OK to microdose, users must know how each strain will affect their productivity before mixing it into their day.

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What Are The Hottest Indica Dominant Strains?

To this day, all of the most famous indica hybrids are in the Kush lineage. For those who aren’t familiar, “Kush” refers to the Hindu Kush mountain range where indica genetics evolved. So, anytime you see “Kush” in a strain’s name, you could bet it has some indica influence.

Arguably, OG Kush remains the most influential indica hybrid. Closely linked with Cali’s cannabis scene, this 75/25 indica hybrid has traces of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. Customers who smoke this earthy & spicy strain often experience a mix of head-rush euphoria and couchlock.

For an even more intense indica experience, tokers may want to consider OG Kush’s relative strain Bubba Kush. While this NOLA-bred hybrid has similar flavors, it tends to lean even heavier on the indica side. Everyone who smokes Bubba Kush buds claims it induces severe couchlock sedation.

Outside of the Kush family, the Afghani-descendant Northern Lights remains a top-shelf choice amongst indica fans. Filled with earthy and herby aromatics, Northern Lights delivers the deeply relaxing and sedative effects closely associated with indicas.

Beyond these three famous indicas, here are a few other indica dominant hybrids that often get cannabis fans talking:

• Jedi Kush
• Blueberry
• Skywalker OG
• Granddaddy Purps
• Wedding Cake

If you’re struggling to choose from the many fantastic indica hybrids, it’s a good idea to ask for third-party lab reports. These studies will fill you in on key metrics like THC/CBD percentages and terpene levels. You could also visit reputable cannabis forums and research standard flavors and effects for various strains. All of this preliminary data should help you pick the right indica for your tastes and desired results.