One of the most common reasons why people use cannabis is for treating pain. Most users choose to smoke, vape, use a tincture, or consume edibles. All of these forms offer effective relief. The downside for some, however, is that the THC content could result in a high. While this might not be an issue when you’re at home, what about during the day? Or, what if you don’t want to get high at all? In such instances, a pain salve with THC may provide the best results.

What’s a THC Pain Salve?

A THC pain salve is a cannabis-infused topical, along the same lines as infused lotions and creams. Instead of ingesting your dose of cannabinoids, you apply them directly to the surface of your skin, right at the site of your pain.

Salves are more solid than lotions and creams, often consisting of beeswax and oil(s). In this case, they also contain cannabinoids. They may also have additional ingredients that can help alleviate pain and inflammation, such as capsaicin, eucalyptus, or peppermint.

How Do They Work?

Unlike other forms of cannabis, you don’t ingest or inhale THC salves. Instead, you apply them directly to your skin and rub them in. The cannabinoids absorb into your skin and attach to the cannabinoid (CB) receptors there. They help to block pain signals, making your pain easier to bear. While the salve won’t take your pain away, it does make the discomfort more manageable.

The great thing about pain salve products is that no matter how much THC they contain, they won’t get you high. The cannabinoids absorb into your skin, but they don’t go deep enough to pass into your bloodstream. As such, the THC won’t reach the CB receptors in your brain. Instead, the salve works only where you apply it.

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Making Your Own THC-Infused Salve

You can purchase THC-infused pain salve at your local dispensary. Or, you can make one at home using a few ingredients, including your favorite strain. Making the salve requires a few simple steps:

  1. Decarboxylate your cannabis flower
  2. Melt one and a half cups of coconut oil over a double boiler and stir in seven to ten grams of decarboxylated cannabis
  3. Heat over low heat for 30 to 60 minutes and strain
  4. Melt one-third of a cup of beeswax over a double boiler
  5. Stir in your infused oil along with one-third of a cup of olive oil
  6. You can add in some vitamin E as well as a few drops of essential oil if you want at the very end
  7. Transfer the mix to storage containers and allow it to cool
  8. Store your salve in a cool, dark place to avoid degradation

Get the Pain Relief You Need without the High

THC pain salves provide effective relief right at the site of your pain. Not only can they ease your discomfort, but you can use them without fear of getting high. You can use them as often as you need, and you can use them in the middle of the day. Additionally, you can purchase one from Proven with your next order, or you can make one at home using your favorite strain. For arthritis, muscle aches, gym injuries, and more, a THC salve may be just what you need.