Consumers are becoming more conscious of holistic medicine and natural remedies daily. Patients are ridding themselves of OTC products such as Advil and Aleve; Instead, consumers move towards natural remedies for pain relief. There is a strong chance that some of the natural remedies for pain relief listed below are available in your household right now. Here are a few popular natural remedies for pain relief.


Terpenes are organically produced essential oils found in a variety of fruits and plants across the globe. Some common terpenes include limonene, myrcene, and pinene. Terpenes are known for their aromatic healing properties. Terpenes can be found in lemons, limes, mangos, roses, coriander, lavender, and many more varieties of fruits and flora.

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Terpenes for Pain Relief


Another terpene that is becoming popular among holistic enthusiasts is borneol. The terpene known as borneol a notable track record concerning medicinal usuage compared  to other terpenes on this list. than the other terpenes on this li. This terpene has been utilized for medicinal purposes since the 1600s. Additionaly, this terpene is a social hit in Asian countries for its medicinal properties. The effects of Borneol range from being an anti-inflammatory as well as an antinociceptive. This fancy way of saying this terpene can assist with pain sustained by the body’s nervous system. Borneol has also shown advancements in helping patients who have suffered from strokes. The aromatic properties  of of Borneol are very similar to an intense mint with soft earthy undertones. You can find Borneol in a multitude of strains.


This terpene is one that rose to popularity in recent years with the help of  the internet. A less-than-natural form of the common terpene Pinene, this terpene presents an aroma that is reminiscent of fir needles or musk. When evaluating the effects of camphene, this terpene is making buzz thanks to its ability to relive patients who suffer from Psoriasis and other skin conditions. Camphene has also shown promise as a fitting anti-inflammatory and antifungal tool. Strains such as Ghost OG and Strawberry Dream often contain a moderate amount of camphene. This terpene can also be found in rosemary, nutmeg, and conifer.

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Another terpene that is a hit in the industry is Terpineol. This particular terpene contains a bevy of medicinal benefits. For those who are familiar with strains such as Jack Herer, or White Widow, then chances are you have experienced the Terpineol. This terpene has been proven to be helpful as a good anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, and antibacterial. Patients have also used this terpene to relieve pain associated with gastrointestial ailments like  Ulcerative Colitis (UC.) Upon consumption, this terpene gives off an aroma that is familar of limes and lilac. Terpineol is also found in pine oil.

Organic compounds for pain relief

Terpenes are not the only natural way to reduce inflammation. Compounds such as CBD and CBN are also great holistic methods of pain relief.


Cannabinol or CBN is an organic compound that is not as popular as other compounds. However,  It may be the best sleep-aiding, anti-inflammatory compound discovered. This nonpsychoactive compound continues to receive praise for its pain-mitigating effects.

How organic compounds work with your body

The ECS is the portion of the human body responsible for the ‘digestion’ of terpenes and organic compounds mentioned earlier. The ECS can also be found in many other animals, such as common mammals and amphibians like turtles. The ECS comprises a network of receptors designed to react to the organic compounds found in everyday plants and fruits. The ECS is key for the regulation of many bodily functions. Thanks to a study of organic compounds during the 1980s, researchers discovered the body’s ECS.