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Weed Delivery Near San Francisco

Proven SF is your premier cannabis delivery service. Proudly serving the Bay Area with safe and timely delivery. Shop our deals and find cannabis suitable for you!









Creating A Higher standard

At Proven SF, we ensure all of our deliveries are prompt, accurate, and safe. 

Our flower and products are sourced from reputable vendors, all 100% legal, and who abide by CA laws. We look forward to serving you as a long-time patient. 

San Francisco Neighborhood Information

Latitude: 37.7749295

Longitude: -122.4194155

Zip Code: 94016

San Francisco Reviews

"Great Service At first thought Proven would be like the other dispensaries I've bought from. Stopped coming back in the day, and returning. You Pay a little more but NEVER disappointed by budtenders or sales going wrong. Once I got my delivery, I was amazed by the bud quality."
Enchoi Diaz
A Proven Customer
Best shop in SF! I've gone to many dispensaries around the SF area, Proven is the best in my book, I've never been disappointed, they always have good deals, the drivers are very nice and professional. 5 stars all around. Appreciate the love and your return back at our store. Glad we are helpful during your visits and that our selection of products doesn't disappoint.
Rich Samson
A Proven Customer
"Got the white runtz Absolute hitters. Proven SF always got stuff the club doesnt carry 👌👌👌👌"
A Proven Customer
Great place! I only use Proven. They’re always nice on the phone and I’ve never had a problem with delivery. My products are always right and the drivers are fast. Thank you!
Zen G
A Proven Customer
"Great service Great delivery option with quality product. Really happy with my purchase and will continue to use them."
A Proven Customer

About San Francisco 

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