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Creating A Higher standard

At Proven SF, we ensure all of our deliveries are prompt, accurate, and safe. 

Our flower and products are sourced from reputable vendors, all 100% legal, and who abide by CA laws. We look forward to serving you as a long-time patient. 

Sunset District Neighborhood Information

Latitude: 37.7467314

Longitude: -122.4863492

Zip Code: 94132

Sunset District Reviews

"super fire and is always on time and efficient"
A Proven Customer
Love these guys! I’ve used them religiously in the past 🍻🔥 I usually get carts or wax from Brite Labs here. Amazing stuff.
Julian Chatneuff
A Proven Customer
"5 stars all the way around!! 😊 This was my first time ordering and let me tell you....Amazing customer service and top quality flowers! I ordered a deal they had of some super glue and was very impressed. I have a pretty high tolerance so I question deals because my past experiences the quality isn't that good especially if you need a stronger strain. From the time I placed my order to the time the driver arrived was 30 mins. The guy I placed my order with and the guy who delivered my flowers had great customer service and both were very helpful in answering my questions. I think customer service is key when it comes to returning, at least for me. I don't like it when people act like it's inconvenient to be friendly. So to sum it up this place is 5 stars, 2 thumb's up 👍👍and they will def be my go to for the future! 😊 #time2fireitup"
Joemari Chan
A Proven Customer
Great Impressed. Fast delivery and replies. Keep you updated the whole time. Friendly too. The weed is even better. Dude. Seriously. The herojuana strain is an experience. Top shelf for sure. Added to my go too’s 🤙.
Diane Nicole
A Proven Customer
"AWESOME This was my 1st experience ever ordering online. Proven has great prices with quick delivery within the hour. They answered all my questions over phone and text. 5/5 will order again!"
Natalie Kwerth
A Proven Customer

About Sunset District 

One of the best things about living in the Sunset is that Golden Gate Park serves as your backyard. Spend some time exploring the expansive park, which offers a more calming scene than Dolores Park. The park is generally filled with families on the weekend, watching children’s sports games or kicking back with a barbecue. On a nice day, there is nowhere better in the city to lay out and take a nap.

Sunset District is located 10 minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge.